TecSalud creates Health4life, a disease prevention initiative

Based on his philosophy of wellness, prevention and longevityTecSalud inaugurated the Health4Life space, an integrative medicine concept to improve people’s health and well-being.

The Dr. Tania Zertuche, Director of Well-being and Prevention of TecSalud and of this space, pointed out that its creation is in accordance with the strategy that the Tec de Monterrey health system has set for 2030.

“This philosophy or strategy of welfare, prevention and longevity becomes tangible through this brand that is Health4Life; It consists of different products and services that will include educational, care and research elements. he pointed.

This initiative seeks to offer people with or without symptoms of any disease a better quality of life, implementing clinical studies in conjunction with holistic alternatives of nutrition, relaxation, peace of mind and spirituality, among others.

The Health4Life Institute is based at the Zambrano Hellion Hospital
The Health4Life space is housed on the fifth floor of the Zambrano Hellion Hospital, in the municipality of San Pedro Garza García, in Nuevo León.

Integrative medicine to promote health

Dr. Zertuche pointed out that one of the main characteristics of this space is the healthcare part which consists of the implementation of integrative medicine in patient care.

“(Integrative medicine) is a branch or a specialty that seeks promote the well-being of people through personalized accompaniment the patient in his health or disease process.

“To achieve that well-being, we seek methods that are conventionalbut also complementary; we see the person in 360 degrees of him, not only in the physical part, but also, the emotional, spiritual and social aspect”, he explained.

The director said that they seek to implement methods that have evidence-based and studies that endorse them to complement the care of peopleto find solutions from the root.

“We don’t want to stick with what conventional medicine per se gives us, but complement it with things that can contribute a lot to the treatment of people, such as nutrition, acupuncture or therapies to connect with the energy of nature”, commented Dr. Zertuche.

The Health4Life Institute focuses on aspects such as nutrition, peace of mind, rest and relaxation, among others.
Nutrition is one of the factors that are taken into account to generate well-being and prevent diseases.

The slopes of space

The initiative Health4Life search promote the health of individuals and communities through products and services such as care programs; also, it focuses on the development of knowledge and the training of professionals.

As part of these aspects, the space focuses on:

– Individual, group and hybrid modality

Among the products and services that this space offers to the community are multidisciplinary programs where the patient can choose between individual and group care modalities.

It will seek to provide comprehensive accompanimentfrom personalized attention and listening to the patientthrough a multidisciplinary care team made up of psychologists, nutritionists, health coaches, doctors and research experts.

“In individual visits, people come with us and do a medical evaluation; to define the diagnoses or the current problems and the objectives that arise between the doctor, but above all with the patient”, he pointed.

The individual modality look around 23 queries that would be carried out during a period of 6 months.

For the first time we launched a group modality, because more and more we see in the medical literature that when you get together with a group of individuals who have a very similar profile to yours, it really you achieve the objectives better and in a more forceful way.

“Group programs are planned to be done in 10 weeks; there is also a hybrid mode, in which they receive fewer individual consultations, the group meets with the specialists to experiential workshops where they work on their goals”, he added.

The Health4Life Institute offers individual and group programs.
People receive the support of a group of specialists who help them meet their health goals.

Clinical research to generate knowledge

Another aspect of space consists in doing clinical research for generate knowledge of value to lead a healthy life, says the specialist

“One of the projects that we are about to start is with the Barshop Institute, from the University of Texas. We seek to pilot a study in the United States on how exercise is important for mitochondrial function what is our cell energy factory”, explained the director.

Another line of research that the space Health4Life seeks to prove the importance of iron.

“We see many overweight and obese women, who beyond a menstrual problem or blood loss, are very low in iron and that greatly lowers energy and metabolism.

“These deficiencies may be some of the reasons why peoplefor example, are unable to lose weight or feel extremely fatigued”, he added.

The Health4Life Institute offers individual and group programs.
In addition to conventional medicine, patients receive comprehensive care using integrative medicine methods.

Academic development at the Tec School of Medicine

through the concept Health4Life It also seeks to impact the training of professionals who can have a comprehensive vision of health to implement integrative medicine strategies in the future.

“We seek to partner with the Tec School of Medicine to generate courses and diplomas on integrative medicine that can later be converted into master’s degrees.

“In the end, an important part of the doctors who graduate do not manage to enter a subspecialty, and there are many who treat these chronic diseases, but they do so from a conventional point of view and we need this personalized approach”, said.

In addition to academic education, Dr. pointed out that the space has raised the community education usually.

“We want to be a benchmark for these lifestyle practices and these wellness practices for people. We are going to be generating a lot preventive health and wellness health content”, he added.

“We want to be a benchmark for these lifestyle practices and these well-being practices for people.”

Rest is part of what the Health4Life program addresses.
Rest is one of the aspects that are taken into account when making a comprehensive diagnosis.

A concept to empower patients in health

Dr. Zertuche pointed out that, in addition to generate well-being in peopleanother of the purposes of this space is to help them take control of your healthprevent different types of diseases, thus impacting their longevity.

Although modern medicine has come a long way, poor quality of life and mortality of people is still high. We are committed to not being late and preventing, for example, chronic diseases that are so common in our country.

“If you give the person adequate nutrition, the correct sleep, relaxation, therapy so that their muscles and joints are mobilized, you give the raw material that the body needs to work well”, said.

Make people and patients aware of what they need to work for Improve your quality of life it’s a way to empower them, said Dr. Tania.

“In the end, it is a very people-centered medicine, where what you want is to educate and empower them so that they need to go to the doctor less and less. Health4Life is aimed at people who want to take control of their health.

Dr. Tania Zertuche directs the Health4Life Institute.
Dr. Tania Zertuche, Director of Wellbeing and Prevention at TecSalud, directs the Health4Life program.

Space located in the Zambrano Hellion Hospital

The space Health4Life is located in the fifth floor of Zambrano Hellion Hospital and his opening ceremony was this on March 22.

Participated in the opening Mimi Guarnerifounder and president of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine of La Jolla, California, who reflected on functional medicine through diet, lifestyle and mental health.

The speaker reflected on obesity, a global problem that implies different consequences, which she proposed to see from the root to help find a solution.

Dr. Guillermo Torre, rector of TecSalud and vice president of Research at the Tec, also participated in the ceremony, who mentioned that it is necessary to address the causes of health problems before they arise.

Wellness, prevention and longevity it is the trademark of what we want to do in the future; we want to be able to fix what cannot be fixed and for that we need tackle the disease before it starts”, noted Dr. Torre.

At the opening ceremony Mimi Guarneri spoke about functional medicine.
Mimi Guarneri (left), founder and president of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine in La Jolla, California, spoke at the opening ceremony for the Health4Life initiative.

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