Propheco warns for vans with seat belt failures

While the auto industry spends millions on research on security and perform multiple tests before launching a model on the market, you cannot always be exempt from faults and, when it comes to elements as relevant as the seat belt, It is better to be alert to any problem. In this sense, through the “Rapid Alert Network” statement, the Federal Consumer Protection Office (prophet) revealed that some trucks must submit to an inspection.

The review, which has been carried out free of charge since June last year, is carried out in coordination with the company volkswagen de México, SA de CV and corresponds to vehicles Audi Q3 2021 model.

Through a statement the company Mexico Volkswagen referred: “the call for review is undertaken in a preventive manner in various vehicles AUDI Q3 model year 2021given the eventual possibility that the function of the system of the seat beltlocated on the passenger side, is reduced and, as a consequence, does not provide adequate protection to the occupant of the vehicle, in the event of sudden braking”.

For the above reason, it is that the call was made to revision of the system of seat belt on the passenger side, ensuring that, if the Van Should the fault occur, the parts will be replaced at no cost to consumers.

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Audi models with faults

So far it has been indicated that the total number of units that could present the referred fault is 107, all vehicles Audi Q3 year 2021:

Audi Q3 40TFSI Select Quattro (F3BB6Y) 4 units

Audi Q3 35TFSI Dynamic (F3BBCX) 5 units

Audi Q3 35TFSI Select (F3BBCX) 4 units

Audi Q3.  Image: Audi
Image: Audi

Audi Q3 40 TFSI S line quattro (F3BC6Y) 23 units

Audi Q3 35TFSI S line (F3BCCX) 26 units

Audi Q3SB 35 TFSI Select (F3NACX) 4 units

Audi Q3SB 40 TFSI S line quattro (F3NC6Y) 41 units

Audi Q3.  Image: Audi
Image: Audi

Recall for Audi Q3 vehicles

The call to revision for these trucks from the company volkswagen It started from June 18, 2021 and is still in force.

In accordance with volkswagen, your network of Authorized Distributors AUDI has already disclosed the necessary information for the inspection, so the owners of these vehicles You can get in touch to answer questions and, where appropriate, schedule an appointment.

Similarly, the company Mexico Volkswagenmade available to the holders of the models Audi Q3 the following means of contact: telephone 800 849-2383. E-mail: [email protected]

Finally, the statement also invites consumers who have made a change of ownership to inform the current owners about this review alert.

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