Exatlón México: Is Mati against reality? Explode and cry live

After the high temperatures that Mati Álvarez and Evelyn Guijarro gave away, the fans of the Exatlón México All Stars were left on the way everything was left up in the air, without a resolution and with the future of the Mavelyns in suspense, because the problem in the competition it seemed that it could reach greater. But Golden Champion couldn’t take it anymore and in an interview she said some things against reality, which made her explode and cry live.

It all happened because Evelyn was defending in a way that Mati did not like during the game, which caused Golden Champion annoyance who later left the competition by leaving the game with a strong claim to the blues athlete, who was left disconcerted and tried to change her friend’s mind, who even afterwards seemed to not care about the red multi-winner’s attitude. For that reason they wanted to know what happened between them and everything was clarified in the interview, although that went into the background.

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