Without delivering to the IPES One thousand 339 million of the fiscal year 2012 and 2016 – El Sol de Sinaloa

Culiacán, Sin.-The president of the Oversight Commission of the State Congress, Sergio Mario Arredondo Salaswarned that, according to the Superior State Audit Office, in the Individual Report of the Review and Supervision of the public account 2020, of the Executive Branch of the State of Sinaloa, from January 1, 2020, a pending balance of one thousand 339 million 176 thousand pesos corresponding to exercises from 2012 to 2016 and a pending balance is reflected to the Pension Institute to find out as of December 31, 2021 of the 2020 fiscal year of 71 million 683 thousand 772 pesos.

For this reason, he regretted that the withholdings made on the workers’ salaries are not paid to the Institute from pensionscausing with this a great embezzlement to said Institute, for this reason, it informed that it presented an initiative whose purpose is that the omission to inform in time and form before the Pension Institute, the contributions or quotas that are made to the salary of the workers, constitutes a serious administrative fault.

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The PRI deputy explained that the ASE constantly reviewing and supervising the public accounts of the State Government, has presented observations on the withholdings made to the workers’ salaries and not informed to the Pension Institute, causing with this a great embezzlement to said Institute, and this, he said, they have been doing on a recurring basis, without any public servant having been punished to date for this, to a large extent also, because there is no established sanction in the current laws.

He stressed that it is necessary to review and update the regulatory framework of the entity, in terms of pensions, to grant legal certainty to the workers of the three powers of the State Government, the autonomous constitutional bodies of the State of Sinaloa, the decentralized organizations of the State and those that by laws, decrees, regulations or agreements come to establish their application, of the destination that should be given to their discounts and that they go directly to the coffers of the Pension Institute.

Arredondo Salas explained that he presented an initiative with a draft Decree to the Official Office of the State Congress, in which he proposes to reform article 11 of the Sinaloa State Pension Law, as well as article 54 of the Law of Responsibilities Administrative Offices of the State of Sinaloa, and add article 64 Bis to this Law.

The initiative

The PRI deputy said that this initiative is also intended to be considered as a diversion of public resources, the granting or authorization, for himself or for others, of the payment of remuneration in violation of the tabulators that are applicable to that effect, as well as the granting or authorization, for himself or for others, of retirement payments, pensions or retirement assets, settlements for services rendered, loans or credits that are not provided for in law, legislative decree, collective agreement, contract law or general working conditions.

In the same way, he explained, with this reform the Law of Administrative Responsibilities of the State of Sinaloa would be harmonized with the General Law of Administrative Responsibilities, in an issue of great importance such as the omission of the Employers to inform in time and form before the Pension Institute, the contributions or quotas that are made to the salary of the workers, likewise, establish as diversion of public resources, new causes that the General Law already indicates.

“With this initiative, the public servants in charge of paying the fees and contributions of the bureaucrats to the Pension Institute who omit this procedure will incur a serious administrative offense, which can be sanctioned with: Suspension of employment, position or commission, dismissal of the employment, position or commission, economic sanction and temporary disqualification to perform jobs, positions or commissions in the public service and to participate in acquisitions, leases, services or public works”, he indicated.

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