Goodbye to Reynoso, the team that gives him 60 MDP to leave Cruz Azul without DT

The new destination of Juan Reynoso far from Cruz Azul
The new destination of Juan Reynoso far from Cruz Azul

In the midst of the ups and downs that Cruz Azul has had in the local tournament, an offer could leave the cement team without the presence of Juan Reynoso. The DT received an offer close to 60 million pesos.

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According to the Líbero portal, Juan Reynoso would remain in Cruz Azul only until summer, since the Peruvian Football Federation would tempt him to be part of the Peruvian national team process.

Although everything will depend on the results of the last matches on the FIFA date, the presence of Juan Reynoso in the Peruvian team would be almost a fact, because if Peru does not qualify, the Peruvian DT would replace Ricardo Gareca.

What does the FPF offer Juan Reynoso?

The current coach of Cruz Azul receives a salary close to 30 million pesos, but he could double it as soon as he accepts the offer from the Peruvian Football Federation. In La Noria they are clear that if Reynoso leaves they will have to look for another DT.

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