Cocca will speak with Julián Quiñones for the celebration at Atlas vs Chivas

loved that there scored the tying goal in the Clásico Tapatío, but not the celebrationso the Atlas technician, Diego Martin Coccaassured that he will speak in the week with the forward Julian Quinones.

The Colombian equalized with a header at 90′ with an excessive celebration, for which the referee, César Arturo Ramos, expelled him.

“It will be necessary to speak logically, it is necessary to understand that the players are the ones with 200 pulsations per second, he made the agonizing end with the classic rival, the context helps to overflow with joy and is difficult to controlthey are young boys with everything to improve, we will talk about it in the week to control those things, unfortunately he could not do it. There is rivalry on both sides, the idea is to try not to enter but sometimes it is difficultCoca commented.

Julián lit up the final part of the Clásico Tapatío when taking off the shirt, show the number to the Chivas benchand in addition to making obscene signs, he saw the red and the red and black fans applauded the celebration in the final 1-1.

The tie is fair because of how everything happenedIf we talk about justice, I don’t understand why they didn’t charge us a goal that canceled it. Justice in football does not exist, it is what there is. Chivas scored a goal, we another, we had many more approachesthe first half we were clearly superior and the second half was short, we couldn’t reflect that superiority in the first half, so we have to keep working”, he added.

Diego considered that the expulsions of Jairo Torres and Miguel Ponce moved everything and he still does not understand the annulment of Quiñones’ first goal.

“This tournament we already knew that it was going to be complicated at first because of the little preparationwe started with three games in a week, injuries came, expulsions, some players that we did not finish recovering, it is part of the job, we will do it in the best possible way. Today I am left with the attitude of the team that never lowered its arms and that pays”, he mentioned.

“People felt it, that’s why they ended up happy, encouraged and deserved at least the draw. The first half we were totally superior, I still don’t understand why it wasn’t the goal that disallowed us, if not everything had changed. We will face the problems that we have tomorrow.

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