Why has Burger King refused to close its restaurants in Russia? – The financial

The fast food chain Burger King confessed that its intention is to stop operating in Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine; however, it has been difficult for him because one of its partners has “refused” to close them.

According to information from CNN, Burger King seeks to suspend the operation of 800 restaurants, but the hamburger chain, owned by Restaurant Brands International (RBI)has a partnership with businessman Alexander Kolobov in Russia.

RBI controls 15 percent of the business of Burger King in Russia and Kolobov is responsible for the “daily operations and supervision” of its premises in the country, the US media explained.

For this reason, the company has not been able to cancel its operations.

David Shear, President of RBI’s international operations, admitted that the company has already started a process to divest itself of its involvement with said businessman, although the process “will take some time”.

“Although we would like to do it immediately, it is clear that it will take some time to do so based on the terms of our existing joint venture agreement,” he said.

Its main competitor, McDonald’s, announced a few weeks ago that it would close its restaurants until further notice.

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