Shortage of cancer medicine continues in Tamaulipas: Oncologist

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health institutions continue with the drug shortage for cancer patientswho continue to battle and postponing their treatments, recognized the oncologist surgeon, Héctor Aymerich Sánchez.

The teacher of the Faculty of Medicine of the UATpointed out that this problem still persists due to the shortage of cancer drugs in some institutions, and that the project of the University Hospital may be an important key to solving some of these alterations, in addition to early detection of cancer.

“There is a significant impact, especially at the level of health institutions, including Issste, Pemex and Social Securityhowever, this has not been seen to have an effect on the mortalitytimely detection is the best method to have the patients better and thus achieve a cure”said.

commented that families who have a cancer patient at home look for alternatives so as not to postpone treatmentwhich is ultimately what will give them victory against this disease.

“The drug shortage affects patients where the disease is already more advanced, so there has not been this problem of higher mortalitybut each time we commit ourselves to rescue these patients,” he said.

He mentioned that the covid-19 pandemic affectedbecause many campaigns stopped.

this emergency had no effect on mortalitybecause they resume the prevention programstboth cervical and breast cancer, as well as prostate cancer“, he highlighted.


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