SEG and SSG carry out Health Fair in the VI Regional Delegation. – Dependencies Bulletins

  • Action that was carried out in the framework of International Women’s Day.

Abasolo, Gto. March 16, 2022. – In favor of the physical, mental and reproductive health of women who work in the Secretary of Education of Guanajuato (SEG), the Health Services Fair was held in Region VI of Abasolo, within the activities commemorating the International Women’s Day.

Doctors, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists, dentists and promoters belonging to Sanitary Jurisdiction No. VI, attended a universe of 50 people in the areas of: reproductive health, cardiovascular risk, oral health, mental health, nutrition and health promotion .

Rosa Esther López Martínez, Pedagogical Technical Advisor (ATP), from Zone 20 of Physical Education, highlighted the importance of this type of event, because “it allows us to know our health conditions and if there is something to attend to, let’s do it. Prevention is important”, quoted the teacher.

“We know that sport helps, not only to have adequate physical health, but is also associated with emotional and mental health, since exercising lowers stress and anxiety levels, a healthy body, a healthy mind,” said the ATP Lopez Martinez.

This event is the first of three, which jointly SEG and SSG, will carry out in the near future; the second will take place on April 30, in attention to children and adolescents, and the third will be applied to the administrative staff of the VI Regional Delegation in the month of May.

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