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My Francos, how beautiful is love! Not a little? Of course, and more so when it comes to a pure love story, like the one between Puebla and the fashion technician in Liga MX, Nicolás Larcamón.

And it turns out that the sweet potato board has already spoken with him to make a formal offer and state their intention to renew his contract. And it seems like a difficult offer to refuse, since they put on the table the possibility of choosing everything that he considers that he needs within the club.

Beyond the obvious economic improvement and a long-term contract with that juicy salary increase that the Argentine strategist has earned, the conditions that he imposed to continue leading La Franja were three: that they no longer dismantle the squad end of each tournament, to keep the key players and not have to reorganize the squad again, in addition to adjusting specific things in the facilities because he wants to do a project in Pueblaand finally, the aforementioned contract that gives you a guarantee in terms of economy and duration.

The Puebla board has been making him fall in love in recent weeks, sending him constant messages of affection letting him know that they want him at the club, that they need him and that they will do everything in their power to keep him in Angelopolis.

So, America get well abused!, because if you still love Larcamón it will be quite expensive and you would have to overcome financially and sportingly this ambitious project proposed by Puebla. Oh nanita! How will this story of the leader of the Larcaboys end?


And well, I’ll tell you that in the Referees Commission that my friend Arturo Brizio Carter commands, the problems do not end. There you go. It turns out that the Em Ex League asked (rather, demanded) the whistlers that the games have more effective minutes of play.

And it is that until recently a lot of time was wasted in the tedious reviews of the VAR (those that my friend Brizio calls silent reviews in his weekly videos); that is to say, the order was clear: we must increase the average number of effective minutes, in which the ball is in play.

But what the referees did was that, instead of slowing down the VAR reviews, they are adding more minutes of compensation in all duels. Yes, as you read it, my Franks. That is where they compensate, but they are causing the matches to become longer, but that is how they feel that they are complying with what our dear ordered them MX League. How do you see it?


If they thought that the topic of Querétaro and the pitched battle that took place in the stands between the fans of Gallos and Atlas had already ended… nanay!. There goes the clear sign that it is not so.

And it is that in the Liga MX they are very, very upset with the good Enrique Bonilla, former boss of the circuit, because he literally left a mess…order inside. I explain. The good Kike is remembered, not in a pleasant way, for having left dark memories in the league such as those of Veracruz, Fidel Kuri, the sale of Lobos BUAP to Juárez…

But, although he no longer leads the league, he left the ‘tail’ of the problem in Querétaro. And it is that Bonilla was the one who authorized Greg Taylor, Manuel Velarde and Gabriel Solares to be the ‘owners’ of Gallos, although all this was without the change in the title of affiliation before the FMF, which endorses Grupo as the real owner. Hot.

By the way, currently Enrique Bonilla and Ana Peniche, former legal director of the FMF, have an advisory company located in Polanco, called Cléver Sport Business Intelligence. Will they advise teams in the league?


Fate took a radical turn in the soccer career of Chilean striker Nicolás Castillo after he suffered a thrombosis in 2020, which put his life at risk and, over the months, his willpower was abysmal to return to the courts, but not enough.

The card of the Andean battering ram continues to belong to the Águilas del America and after his short adventure in Brazil and later in Necaxa, there was not much to salvage and he was suddenly cut off from the Rayos team as he was unable to demonstrate a satisfactory capacity on the pitch and in training as he was known before the illness.

To date, he does not plan to throw away the harp and they tell me that he is still clinging to excelling again in professional soccer and his agent and representative continues to move through South American lands and the MLS. Let’s see if it’s enough for Nico… but for now, retirement doesn’t cross the mind of the former UNAM Pumas scorer.


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