University of South Korea is recreated in Minecraft to hold an entrance ceremony for new students

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Although Covid-19 cases have been declining in recent months, the pandemic continues to affect multiple aspects of global society. Due to the high number of COVID-19 cases in South Korea, most schools are opting for a remote system. Because of this, a South Korean university decided to hold its entrance ceremony on a Minecraft server.

Yeungnam University was the one who organized his first-year entrance ceremony in Minecraft. Reddit user u/bedesloman uploaded a clip on the Minecraft subreddit showing the virtual ceremony, and most Reddit users applauded the effort. According to Yeungnam University, they still wanted to hold the traditional ceremony for the new batch of freshmen.

But because COVID-19 cases are high in their country, they decided to do it through a virtual ceremony to avoid complications.

Yeungnam University spoke about what they called the “university of the metaverse” and the amazing students who created the project here. The students behind this exploit are members of the Yeungnam University Minecraft Server Club (YUMC). Despite having been founded in February, the club already has 300 members. Students from various careers came together within the club to create their campus in Minecraft.

“I felt bad about the loss of presence, the value of communication and interaction within the school due to the prolongation of COVID-19,” said Seo Seung-wan, president of YUMC. “I organized this club thinking that it would be good to form a community of students to participate in interactive activities in the virtual space of Minecraft.”

YUMC members worked together to build the virtual version of their campus and even put little details into the build that only college students would notice, like their favorite restaurants on campus. They built all the important locations on their campus, including the Library, the Chunma Art Center, the Student Lounge, the Open-Air Auditorium, and the International Exchange Center.

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