Spain wins the Fortnite Creative Chaos tournament

CreativeChaos is the new international Fortnite tournament focused on its creative mode. This consists of going through maps created by the game team to get points based on the time it takes to complete.

This tournament had a series of phases in which players qualified individually and then joined a team of content creators. After this selection phase, they had to face creators from other countries and their players to see who gets the best score.

The final phase of the tournament was held on March 12 and lasted about three hours. During this time the Spanish team had to put themselves to the test by performing all kinds of challenges in creative mode, parkour, coin collection, team collaboration…

After finishing sixth in the first test, the team came back completely the day and from that moment they won the highest scores in the rest of the challenges, thus rising with a total score of 93 points, the highest of all. Thus taking the prize of 100,000 dollars for the winning team.

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