How Much to Spend to Maintain a Ford Ranger Pickup

To keep its promise of “strong breed”, true to its history and in a segment that adds competitors, Ford is working on the renewal of its midsize truck, Rangerwhich will be manufactured in Pacheco (as the current version does), and will be launched in 2023.

It is a highly anticipated product on the market, especially because it ishe new model anticipates important changes: the design of the fifth generation Ford Ranger takes the lines of the successful Ford F150the largest in the segment, and the newcomer ford maverick, the smallest of the house. In addition to having a new mechanic that she promises a lot.

However, until the launch materializes (Ford is investing more than $700 million in the plant to modernize it), Ford’s current truck remains highly sought after in the midsize category and patents are on the rise.

Given the demand, which is also fueled by the positioning that the brand took with its sportier line With the Ranger Raptor and the F150 Raptor, which are all the rage in sales, we went out to check how much it costs to maintain it per month if you are looking for a 0km version, both entry-level and the most equipped.

Cheapest Ford Ranger: up to $61,000 per month

To buy a Ford Ranger with a diesel engine, single cab and 4×2 drive, the cheapest with this engine (there is also gasoline), the initial investment is 5,027,000 pesos.

Ford Ranger, the medium truck will have a facelift in 2023.

Ford Ranger, the medium truck will have a facelift in 2023.

With this value, the patent It will amount to an average of $251,000 per year, that is, about $20,900 per month (the payment is bimonthly), according to calculations made based on the estimates of the National Directorate of the Registry of Automotive Property (DNRPA). This amount may be a little lower because the agency is guided for a few months by slightly lower price listings, and the patent is a percentage of the value of 0km.

Two elementary items must be added to this expense, which are the sure and the service, the first mandatory to circulate and the second fundamental to maintain the guarantee. In the case of insurance, a complete third party, which is one of the most demanded for this type of higher value vehicle, has an average price of $13,500 according to different companies, while for the service $28,820 must be paid for the 10,000 km .

Another unavoidable expense that affects people’s pockets more and more is the fuel. In the case of gas oil, the 2.2L diesel engine consumes an average of 8.6 liters every 100 kilometers. Considering the value of common fuel, a total of 11,000 pesos per month will be spent to travel 15,000 kilometers a year. This calculation is with the cheapest option, although brands often suggest premium fuel.

In this way, per month you will have to face the following costs:

  • Patent: $20,900
  • Insurance: $13,500
  • Service: $2,400 ($28,820 prorated)
  • Fuel: $11,000
  • Garage: 11,000
  • Washing: $2,800 (two per month)

The total monthly expense, in this way, will be up to $61,600, that is, a little more than $739,000 a year

Ford Ranger Limited 4×4: up to $82,700 per month

In the case of choosing a Ford Ranger van from the most equipped, you will have to opt for the version called Limited 4×4, with a double cab, automatic gearbox and all the driving assistance systems, called ADAS. This model amounts to a price of 8,522,000 pesos.

In this way, the expenses will be more expensive for your monthly maintenance both in patent and insurance, the first with an average value of $426,000 per year or $35,500 per month, and the second of about $18,800 for a complete third party calculated between different insurers.

To these must be added the service, which in this case the brand suggests at a value of $24,640 every 10,000 kilometers.

Ford Ranger, this is the first generation.

Ford Ranger, this is the first generation.

As for the fuelthis Ford Ranger Limited engine is 3.2L, which consumes an average of 9 liters per 100 km, for which an average of $12,500 per month will be needed (with common diesel oil, which is not recommended) and only for travel 15,000 kilometers a year.

In this way, the monthly expense will be as follows:

  • Patent: $35,500
  • Insurance: $18,800
  • Service: $2,053 ($24,640 prorated)
  • Fuel: $11,000
  • Garage: 11,000
  • Washing: $2,800 (two per month)

The total monthly expense, in this way, will be $82,700, that is, a little more than $990,000 a year.

The coming ranger

Although there are long months to continue thinking about the current Ranger, the new truck that will be manufactured in Argentina promises to revolutionize the market due to its advanced design and technology. With a new global platform, the new midsize pickup features similar to its sisters Maverick and F-150 make her more “wanted”.

Among its design, the DRL daytime running lights in the form of C, added to a bar that occupies the entire width of the imposing grille with the Ford logo in the middle. The rear lights are also robust and have LED technology, while the lid of the box has the very large Ranger name and the third stop light in the middle.

New Ford Ranger Pickup: Arrives in 2023.

New Ford Ranger Pickup: Arrives in 2023.

Inside doors it was also completely renovated, with a 12-inch vertical multimedia center (SYNC 4) with 4G internet and different types of connectivity. The cheapest variant will also have a vertical screen but it will be 10.1 inches. The steering wheel is no longer the same as the current Rangerwhile the instrumental is completely digital (at least in the most complete variants).

It also draws the attention of new truck the selector of changes since it is not the knob offered by different SUVs of the brand. Another highlight is the selection of the type of driving, electronic parking brake, GPS, parking assistant, 360-degree camera, slope assistant, among others.

Work has already begun at the Pacheco plant to give life to this model that will take place on different continents and in 2023 it will be seen on the streets.

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