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Among the most requested profiles are: programmers, frontend developers, artificial intelligence specialists, testers, project managers, digital marketing, cybersecurity, recently graduated computer systems engineers or embedded software programmers; Salary offers range from 20,000 and 80,000 pesos.

All vacancies will be available on the event site, where those interested can apply immediately and connect with recruiting companies.

The IT labor market in Mexico

Emmanuel Olvera, co-founder and CEO of Hireline, the portal specializing in information technology profiles in Mexico, said, in an interview with Expansionthat the demand for technology talent increased by nearly 88% in the last year, a trend that, he assured, will continue in the coming years, despite the talent deficit in the country.

As he explained, the average salary of technology specialists in the country is 30,247 free Mexican pesos, not counting extra bonuses or benefits that depend on the policies of each work center; salary that increased almost 15% compared to the previous year.

“A good suggestion for all those who don’t know what to study is that everything is going towards technology, we are seeing it, everything is technology and the demand for these profiles is going to be maintained,” added Olvera.

The CEO of Hireline also highlighted that in this sector there are many international companies that come to Latin America for talent and in the case of Mexico, he pointed out, “it is the third country with the most talent in technology, only behind Colombia and Brazil.”

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