Brutal! Big E breaks his neck on WWE’s SmackDown | VIDEO

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A terrible image was the one witnessed by the wrestling fans of the WWEthen in the function of SmackDown the gladiator Big E He suffered a chilling injury that will keep him out of the ring indefinitely.

It was in a clash between new-day, faction that make up Ettore Ewen (real name of Big E) and Kofi Kingstonand the pair formed by Sheamus and Ridge Hollandin which the champion of the WWE He suffered a broken neck.

A suplex executed by Holland ended up with Big E impacting his head on the ground, remaining inert; the 36-year-old fighter was unable to continue in the contest.

Behind this, Sheamus and Hollandsupported by Butchthey beat up Kingstonwhile Big E he had to be carried on a stretcher from the Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama.

Gave a message to fans

Shortly after being taken to the hospital, Big E He took the time to publish a video in which he explains that at the moment he has not lost mobility, showing it with a movement of his hand, however, he confirmed that his neck is broken.

“I can’t thank all the people enough for their concern, it’s so heartwarming. I can move all my fingers, can you see that? It’s good, it’s always a good thing… But unfortunately they told me my neck is broken. Thanks again, don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” she said.

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