Atlas fan received death threat on Facebook

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With the aim of identifying the attackers of Atlas fans at the Corregidora Stadium, multiple photographs have appeared on social networks of presumed culprits, although in the case of Nestor Santoyoas identified on TikTok, the repercussion has been so great that it even led him to receive death threatsdespite the fact that he assures that he was not one of those involved.

After a user published his name and profile denouncing that he was one of the rioters in Querétaro, his social networks began to be filled with unpleasant messageswhich aired in a video.

“Here I am to show my face. In the last hours I have received messages with death threats through Facebook because a person publishes my name and profile saying that I am the one that appears in the photosbut no, it’s not me, I don’t have tattoos,” he assured while showing the photo of the fan with whom he was related.

Clarified that yes he was that day in the Queretaro buildingalthough he was one of those who chose to take shelter in the locker room as soon as he saw that the situation was beginning to get out of control.

“We went down from the stands to the field and from there to the benches, arriving there Cristante and Washington Aguerre, the QuerĂ©taro goalkeeper, put us in the locker room, they were putting all the people who were near that area. Inside, Cristante asked us how we were.”

Aim for stadium security

Just as other followers have done, Nestor pointed out the absence of security forces in Corregidora during the match between Gallos and the Academy.

“It was a very thorough review for those of us who were visiting, but entering the stadium I found it very curious that there were no police or any riot police. It’s something I had never seen.”

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