The United States requested security at the Azteca for the match against Mexico

Before the match between Mexico National Team in view of United States, the stars and stripes team has requested the Mexican Soccer Federation security in the Aztec stadium To avoid an event like Queretaro In the past week.

And it is that the videos and photographs circulated quickly and due to the level of violence that was experienced, our country was in the eye of the hurricane in several countries, among them the Americanswho expressed their concern about the issue of security.

“As we prepare for our qualifying match for the World Cup against Mexico at Aztec stadium On March 24, we want to pause to express our thoughts on the terrible and unacceptable tragedy that occurred at a league match in Queretaro last weekend,” they explained in a statement.

US Soccer has communicated with officials of the Mexican Soccer Federationwho have assured us that the fans, teams and players of both United States and Mexico will surely enjoy one of the greatest rivalries in the sport, just as it has been during previous matches in the Aztec”, they added.

In addition, they showed their solidarity with the people Mexican after the barbarism in the stadium of the roostersand highlighted that the rivalry remains on the pitch.

“We accompany everything Mexico in their pain after the acts of violence that took place in the Corregidora Stadium. Although we are opponents on the pitch, it is important to remember that football is a global community, and our ties transcend rivalries, competitions and results.”

North American and Mexican fans together

Finally, they sent a message of support to the families affected by the violence in Queretaro.

“Our thoughts are with the fans and families affected, and we are available to support our friends in Mexico within the game and beyond”, they concluded.


Message to 'No Discrimination'

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