The reason why Zague was about to hit Cuauhtémoc Blanco


An anecdote in the American dressing room indicates that The Son of the Lone Wolf came close to fighting with the 10 azulcrema.

Blanco and Zague were close to the blows.
© picture 7Blanco and Zague were close to the blows.

Cuauhtemoc Blanco and Luis Roberto Alves Zague are two of the greatest references in the history of Club América, in addition to being professional colleagues who always showed a great relationship outside the courts; However, there was an incident between the two that was close to coming to blows.

A few years ago, when Blanco was still a youth, he managed to get the Son of the Lone Wolf out of his wits thanks to his well-known pranks inside the locker room. And it is that to say of German Villa, Cuau managed to fill Zague’s patience by throwing a wet lycra from behindsomething that the scorer did not like.

“We respected him, we admired him… little by little, trust was given and he (Zague) would change in front of us, facing Cuauhtémoc, and I stayed hidden. ‘I’m going to throw a wet lycra at him’ (Blanco said), he wrapped it up like bandages… on his back, his head. He would turn around and say ‘hey, I’m going to put my fist in your face, hey, my fist in your face’recounted the former Americanist long ago on ESPN.

Although Zaguinho initially tried to control himself, Villa himself recalled how he wanted to fight Blanco for the mischief. “One day he gets angry and says, ‘Well, that’s it, stop making jokes or I’m going to break your mother. If you want to hit, let’s hit each other’, it was one of the few times that she got all out of control ”sentenced.


In the end, everything was a funny anecdote between the twowhich is gracefully recounted by Villa, who was part of that generation of soccer players trained in Coapa who ultimately consolidated in the first team along with Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Isaac Terrazas, among others who showed good conditions.

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