He fell for violence in Gallos-Atlas… but he did not go to the stadium, he was a waiter at a party

On March 8, the Attorney General of the State of Querétaro reported on the arrest of 10 alleged perpetrators of violence in the football match between Gallos and Atlas, among which is Cuauhtémoc “N”; however, his family claims that he is innocent, since he was not at the stadium, but working as a waiter at a party.

Through social networks, a woman identified as “Fer Galindo” reported that at her wedding held last Saturday, March 5, several waiters were hired, including Cuauhtémoc “N”, who, she said, worked from 1:50 p.m. the 01:00 hour.

Today I wake up with the ugly news that last night they took him out of his home, assaulting him and taking him to the prosecutor’s office, framing him for what happened at the stadium. How sad to see corruption of our country wanting to blame innocent people”, the woman wrote on Facebook.

In his publication he added videos and photos in which Cuauhtémoc “N” appears serving food and drinks to the attendees and even in a sea viper made up of other waiters.

It is worth mentioning that the Facebook page “Los Grillos SG” published a video in which he interviews the father of Cuauhtémoc “N”, who commented that on Saturday his son went to work as a waiter at an event in the “Hacienda Sabina” event hall. ”.

“He (Cuauhtémoc “N”) was at a party, at a wedding, he was working as a waiter. There’s what he sent me that he was going to be there —said the man, showing the messages from his cell phone with his son—. Date March 5, 2022”, the man responded to the media.

According to the detainee’s father, “Fer Galindo” spoke with him and his wife to tell them that he is willing to testify in favor of Cuauhtémoc “N”.

The man asked not to fabricate culprits around the violence in Gallos against Querétaro that left 26 injured.

I don’t want them to manufacture guilty. My son was definitely not in the stadium. Yes, he goes to the Roosters”, he expressed.


While in social networks there are those who ask for justice and for Cuauhtémoc “N” to be released, the Secretary of the Government of Querétaro, Guadalupe Murguía, reported on Twitter that the detainee He is accused of “apology of the crime”.

It is typified in the legal framework, it is defined as publicly provoking to commit a crime. Cuauhtémoc ‘N’ was arrested for this,” the state official posted on Twitter.

And it is that, according to what the secretary said, the 31-year-old posted a comment on Facebook to a page called “Mexican Bars” in which the arrival of Atlas fans to Querétaro was reported.

Thus, Cuauhtémoc “N” wrote: “My people are leaving Queretaro! Let’s give them to the atlas who are already arriving (sic) “, accompanied by some emojis.

Post by Cuauhtémoc “N” on Facebook. Image: Social networks


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