Zague ‘faced’ Mikel Arriola for new measures of Liga MX

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After the sanctions Queretaro and the bar Atlas after the violence in Corregidora Stadiumthe president of Liga MX, Mikel Arriolawas questioned by Luis Roberto Alves ‘Zague’ during an interview on TV Azteca.

Michael He recently announced the determinations, one of them is a process of credentialing the bars to have their members identified, a topic he spoke about in Los Protagonistas and reaffirmed his position, with which Zague did not agree.

“What I believe the solution that has to do with a lot of implementation is that the identities of the people who belong to the groups because there immediately criminals will be discarded”, said the leader of the League.

While Zague interrupted him to remind him how easy it is to get a fake id in Mexico.

“Sorry to interrupt you but it has already been done several times, ‘we are going to identify them’, what a card, a card. We live in a country, and we have to be honest, you go there to Santo Domingo and they make you a fake credential. It’s very complicated, why not undo that? and since the clubs do not support those bars because they do not support anything”, he commented.

Michael remembered that the model of the bars is not Mexicobut it came from Argentina and have caused various conflicts in Mexican soccer stadiums.

“This model of the bars when it came to Mexico he hid behind animation groups, as he says Zague in the traditional ones, it is shielded from the anonymity and often carries out criminal activities. We are not saying that they are all criminals, we are saying that this is a mechanism to generate crimesArriola added.

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