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Veterinary medicine goes hand in hand with public health, since other health and everything that feeds the planet emanate from the former, in addition to having an intimate relationship with epidemiology, and the best example of this is the Covid pandemic -19.

On Wednesday afternoon, the ceremony of the new board of directors of the Veterinary Council of Public Health of the State of Baja California, headed by Víctor Alejandro Quezada Íñiguez, was held, while Angélica Pon Méndez was in charge of taking the protest.

Quezada Íñiguez commented that the work and the fight for public health has been tireless in Baja California, in addition, one of its causes is the dignity of the veterinary union.

“The importance of veterinary public health is fundamental, because from there emanates the other health, everything that feeds this planet, much of it comes from or has been cared for by veterinary medicine, those who have their pets at home, the Veterinarians have been the ones who have taken care of these little animals.”

Angélica Pon Méndez pointed out that the Baja California Public Health Association, which she presides over, is the only one in the entire country that has a veterinary module on its board of directors, since both human and animal medicine go hand in hand from the epidemiological point of view.

“Emerging diseases, today, tomorrow and always are zoonotic diseases, whoever tells you otherwise does not know epidemiology, that is the true story and the best example we have is with Covid.”

He explained that the number of his daughters’ pediatrician is pasted on the refrigerator of his house, he has the number of his animals’ veterinarian, because if his animals are healthy, his family is san, Pon Méndez asserted,

They signed a letter of intent in which the bases and lines of joint work between the participants are established.

All parties declare their intention, which is to advise the state and non-governmental organizations in the planning, design and operation of epidemiological programs, or of any other type, and obtaining the necessary inputs for its operation.

Exchange information with a view to entering into a major agreement between them and the competent authorities for the formulation of a comprehensive program for the control of street dogs and canine and feline overpopulation in all municipalities, and the prevention of zoonoses by these and Other animals.

Participate in the promotion of work rounds, with the government authorities, in charge of public health policies, to agree on collaboration agreements and the operation of programs in this regard.

Collaborate with associations and institutions related to public health, in the promotion and education for well-being, and the prevention of animal diseases and their transmission to humans.

Among the advisors of the new council are Luis Tinoco Gracia, Reafael Suárez Viramontes, César Augusto Flores Dueñas and Ramón Valenzuela Padilla.

While those who collaborate in this council are; Angélica Pon Méndez, Sandra Martínez Lobato, Director of Isesalud Health Services, Daniel Luna Rubio, State Coordinator of the State Isesalud Zoonosis Program and Rubén Pérez Brambila, Director of Natural Resources of the State Environmental Protection Secretariat.

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