The Gallos franchise will hardly stay in Querétaro: De Luisa

The President of the Mexican Soccer Federation, louis yonI declare that: “It is difficult for the Gallos Blancos franchise to stay in Querétaro”. In the same way, I comment that, regardless of who acquires the team, also will take the punishment derived from the conflict that occurred in the match between Queretaro and Atlas.

As one of the sanctions imposed on the Queretaro Clubafter the Extraordinary assembly which took place last Tuesday morning, the equipment will return to the hands of George Hank Rohn. Similarly, the directive composed of Adolfo Rios, Manuel Velarde, Gabriel Solares, and Greg Taylorwas disabled for the next 5 years in MX League.

“He takes the punishment, that punishment is on the franchise and if someone takes the franchise, they take the punishment. That’s right, that club hardly stays in Querétarovery difficult”, declared the president of the FMF, louis yon to ESPN.

Protecting the players

“He was giving priority to the players and the playersIn the understanding that if he disaffiliated from the team And if the sanction was both for the current administration and for the holder of the certificate, because the purchase had not been settled, that could have been done”.

“But today we would have the first teamthe women’s first teamthe basic forces, today we already have a female U-17 from the U-13 upwards to the male U-20, props, technical bodiesadministrators, what was decided and seems well structured by the president of the MX League and unanimously accepted by all clubs“.

Said declarations were parallel to the agreement of

louis yon

with the sanctions imposed on

Queretaro Club

especially the fact that he was not disaffiliated from the team, considering that,

the players should not have to pay for what happened

. The team will be in charge of

Jorge Alberto Hank Inzunza.

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