The five players who will not continue at PSG next year

The Paris Saint Germain took a hard blow last night at the Santiago Bernabéu since he was dropped from the Champions League by the Real Madrid and because of this meeting many players have been very touched in the Parc des Princes. The removal has greatly infuriated Nasser Al-Khelaifiwho sees how year after year they fail over and over again, despite spending huge amounts of money to raise the ‘orejona’.

Sergio Ramos:

The man from Camas is having a horrible season at PSG. He arrived injured and has only been able to play five games with the Parisian team, he has not finished overcoming his knee discomfort and everything seems to indicate that the club is going to try to get rid of him. Let’s remember that Ramos earns just over 11 million euros per season and is constantly in the Parisian infirmary, so he is a totally expendable player for the club.

Georginio Wijnaldum:

Another who has not met the expectations that the French team had in his signing is the Dutch midfielder. He arrived with the star poster after his great performance at Liverpool, but at no time has he performed the same as he did at Anfield, he does not seem to finish adapting and on several occasions there has been talk of his possible departure from the Parc des Princes in the next summer market in search of recovering sensations.

Mauro Icardi:

Neither is nor is expected. The Argentine soccer player has lowered his level a lot compared to what he showed in his first season as a PSG soccer player, when he was on loan from Inter Milan. The striker has fallen into oblivion because of the great competition that exists in the club since he is behind Messi, Neymar, Di María or Mbappé, something that has made him lower his arms. There is talk that he could return to the Italian Serie A to strengthen the attack of Juventus in Turin, but we will have to wait for a possible offer from the Bianconeros.

Leo Messi:

The great bombshell of the season has finished becoming one of the most frustrated signings in history given that the Argentine is not at all at the level he showed at FC Barcelona throughout his career and there are many who point out that it was a mistake get hold of your hire. Messi today is not here to play more than 20 minutes at the highest level and a club that aspires to win the Champions League cannot afford to have such a man in its squad. It is strange to write these words, but the truth is that PSG’s Messi is a totally unknown footballer.

Angel Di Maria:

Another footballer whose performance has dropped terribly this season is good old Di María, who has been affected by the new signings that the club has made this season. This has meant that the Argentine has greatly reduced his performance on the pitch compared to other seasons, where he was the team leader in terms of assists. At 34 years old and with a contract until June 30 (with an option for one more year), everything seems to indicate that he will be one of the first to leave PSG to try to rejuvenate the squad.

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