Nery Castillo. Where is and what does the footballer who was a promise of the National Team do?

It saw the light in San Luis Potosí on the already distant June 13, 1984, Nery Castillo he was destined to become a star of the Mexican soccer team.

His early years were spent far from the city where he was born, even his debut as a footballer was made in the Greek league with Olympiakos.

Beginning to appear as a star of the popular group of Athens, to Nery Castillo They tried to convince him to play with the Uruguay team, because his father was originally from the South American country.

However, the good management of the then tricolor coach, Hugo Sánchez, helped the man from Potosí choose to defend the green shirt.

Nery Castillo Mexican National Team

Many fans wonder what the player who was once the highest paid Mexican in Europe is doing.

Nery Castillo and his pilgrimage in football

After his success in the Greek league, where he won seven league trophies and two more cup trophies, the Mexican became the object of desire for several elite teams.

Nery Castillo signed in 2007 for the popular Ukrainian team, Shakhtar Donetsk.

The team paid a fortune at that time and despite not wanting to go to the exotic league; he ended up playing.

For the striker, his stay at Shaktar was a nightmare in which he could not even see his mother die.

He reported that coach Mircea Lucescu denied him permission and he was also unable to go to his mother’s funeral.

Because of the strong blow of life, Nery Alberto had a bad season and just wanted to get out of there.

Even with his misstep in the Ukraine, the potosino signed for a great European.

He had a short and discreet step between 2008 and 2009 at Manchester City.

But he never recovered the level he had in the Piraeus team, Attica; Thus he began his journey through FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, Chicago Fire, Aris Salonica, Pachuca, León.

The last attempt to recover his level was with Rayo Vallecano, a team with which he retired from football in 2014.

The controversy that turned Nery Castillo into a villain

Mexico’s stumbles in the World Cup qualifiers for South Africa 2010 must have had someone responsible.

One of those pointed out by the press and national fans was the Mexican-Uruguayan.

During a press conference, Castillo could not stand it anymore and when responding he launched a phrase that he carried for the rest of his career.

Already annoyed by the reporters’ questions, the player only opened his mouth to say the phrase:

“The difference is that I am in Europe and you are in Mexico.”

There the fans charged against Potosino and his presence in the team was less recurrent.

His life away from the courts

Nery Castillo said that one reason for not being the star of yesteryear, let alone continuing in soccer, was the death of his parents.

He stated that cancer took them from his life in a period of 11 months.

The Mexican confessed that with these events it was difficult for him to advance in his career.

Hanging up his boots, Nery Castillo settled in Athens and began a life of business.

He decided to try his luck as the owner of a sporting goods store, specializing in fishing, called Nery’s Fishing.


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