Julio César Chávez got tired of his son Omar: “He only says bullshit”

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When will be the day that the Chavez family can live together in holy peace without wanting to “kill with courage” Cesar del Boxeo. Because the controversy hits Julio César Chávez againwho was recently accused by his own son, Omarof not answering the calls of his grandmother and of being “manipulated” by his current wife, Myriam Escobar.

Omar Chavez posted a video in social networks where he denounces that the Mrs. Isabel González, her grandmother and mother of the Great Mexican Champion, you have not been able to communicate with your son for months because the former boxer has it blocked to not know about her, in addition to suggesting that this estrangement would be due to her father’s partner.

In addition to that, the son of the legend stated that Myriam Escobar is to blame for his and Junior’s estrangement from Julio Césarsomething that the TV Azteca analyst did not support and responded strongly on social networks using big words.

“Unfortunately my son Omar is a little upsetI understand but I don’t agree with him. He’s angry, frustrated and talking bullshitbut he’s grown up now and knows what he’s doing. says a lot of bullshitbut I accept him as he is, he will always be in my heart because I love him, but when he is angry a lot of bullshit is said and he is like that, “said the César del Boxeo on Instagram.

‘Shut your mouth, assholes’; Chavez defends his wife

The words of Omar Chavez generated numerous reactions on the networks, with many comments attacking Ms. Escobar for being one “rotten apple” in the life of the legendary multi-champion boxer, but he issued a clear warning to those who think without knowing the facts.

I want to clarify some rumors going around of my wife with which I disagree. She has supported me in each of the difficult and pleasant moments of my life, I am very happy with her, but unfortunately offensive comments come out towards my wife saying that I am a puppet and a mandilón“, he exposed.

I tell all those assholes who are talking bad about my lady to shut the fuck up because they don’t know what they’re talking about. Blessings”.

How is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr?

Within the same message in which he defended his partner, JC Chávez affirmed that Junior is experiencing “sad moments”but he trusts that he will finally leave his addictions after his new admission to a rehabilitation center.

“Thanks to my wife I am what I am today, she saved my life by taking me to a rehabilitation clinic with my son Julio, who by the way Junior is going through a difficult and sad moment that I already livedYes, but I think it’s the best solution for him to recover”.

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