Insults to Messi in Paris | The reactions to the ridicule of PSG – VIDEO

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Not long ago he was the king of soccer, only at the end of 2021 they gave him the Ballon d’Or, but after the elimination of PSG against Real Madrid the critics they seem to have a favorite target in Paris and it is the Argentine Leo Messiwhose disappointing performance in the Round of 16 series was the subject of harsh remarks from the fans, who even accuse that it seems “retired walking” on the pitch

Chain RMC Sports -which went viral thanks to a video with reactions from Parisians in a bar experiencing the tragedy at the Bernabéu- compiled some impressions from the fans, in which they accuse the team of “cold and scared” despite having some of the best footballers on the planet such as Kylian Mbappé, Neymar and the aforementioned Messi, the Frenchman being the only one exempt from the debacle.

“That’s not Messi, he’s a retiree who came to Paris”“He played walking the entire key, missed a key penalty and never appeared” and “If you want to return to Barcelona, ​​let him do it and also with Neymar, what a disappointment”are some of the comments collected.

With the second most expensive payroll in the world, only behind Manchester City, the Paris Saint-Germain have been eliminated in the Round of 16 in four of the last six seasons and they still cannot win the Champions League, which has been openly exposed as the great obsession of the Qatari sheikhs behind the team.

Fans cry in Paris bars | VIDEO

A video went viral on social media split screen showing the goals at the Santiago Bernabéu and the reactions of PSG fans gathered in a bar of the French capital, where they went from absolute joy with Mbappé’s partial 0-1 to crumble until the crying with the somersault Merengue thanks to Benzema’s triplet.

The bar looked like a real branch of the Parc des Princes with about a hundred fans of Paris Saint-Germainthat very leftovers they already felt in the quarterfinals of the Championsbut it’s amazing to see how their faces transform from the first Real Madrid goal after Gianluigi Donnarumma’s resounding mistake.

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