‘I wanted to beat myself up at the World Cup’; story of Tomas Boy and Medrano

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The death of Thomas Boy has generated multiple reactions in the Mexican soccer environment. The condolences of players, clubs and communicators in memory of the former captain of the Mexican National Team in the 1986 World Cup have not been long in coming. What has not been lacking are the Chief’s anecdotes.

The history of Tigres had a long career as a soccer player, as a coach and as a panelist in debate tables for television. One of the events in which he participated within the media was the 2006 World Cupwhere he shared with David Medrano Felixwho counted the day Boss Boy supposedly wanted to smash his face in and ended up giving him a hug.

“In the 2006 World Cup in Germany I went with TV Azteca and it seems to me that El Jefe was with ESPN or some other network. While I was covering the National Team when they were eliminated, I meet Don Emilio Fernando Alonso and Don Adán Vega Barajas in Munich. They tell me: ‘Take care, David, because the Boss is looking for you to break your heart!’. I asked what happened and they didn’t tell me much, I told them to tell Tomás to form because there were several who wanted to leave me, “she recalled on YouTube.

“I’m walking with Emilio and Adan and, as if they had done it on purpose, Here comes Tomas Boy with that peculiar way he had of walking. I saw it and I said: ‘That’s enough mothers!’even Emilio and Adan stepped aside. When they thought that they would let me come to blows, the Boss yells at me: ‘Medrano’ and that he gives me a tremendous hug. That was Thomas.”

Tomás Boy was Medrano’s roommate

Boy is most recently remembered with ESPN, but he was also part of the analysis tables of TV Azteca at the 2010 World Cup. Specifically in Tricolor matches, the Chief and Medrano were roommates.

I had a very stormy relationship with Tomás. Sometimes very close and others totally distanced. We were roommates at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, when we traveled to the games in Mexico he was my partner. He always told me after games: ‘It’s 3 in the morning, go to sleep, bastard, don’t mess around’ and I told him that I couldn’t because of the adrenaline,” he said.

“Rest in peace, as a coach he lacked luck to win a title and as a player he was a cracka 10 with a lot of technique, very intelligent, he didn’t like to run but he didn’t need it. His leadership was so much that for the 86 World Cup he fucked Hugo SánchezTomas was the captain.”

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