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Querétaro, March 9.- “The Roosters are from Querétaro and they stay in Querétaro”Governor Mauricio Kuri said before the intention expressed by the governor of Morelos, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, to take the team to Zacatepec.

In addition, businessmen linked to the Dorados de Sinaloa They have also expressed interest in acquiring the Gallos Blancos franchise.

Given these intentions, Governor Kuri González assured that the state government will do everything possible so that the Gallos Blancos remain in the entity, despite the events that occurred at the Corregidora Stadium last Saturday, March 5.

He stressed that Querétaro is one of the few states that has the means to support a professional team.

“The Roosters are from Querétaro, Querétaro is one of the few states that has a way of supporting a soccer team”he explained.

“The Queretaro fans, who are the real ones, deserve to have a First Division team and the governor will do everything possible so that we have Roosters for a while,” said the state president.

The governor stressed that they will do all the steps so that the businessman looking for the franchise has the conditions so that he decides to stay in Querétaro.

Mauricio Kuri affirmed that having a World Cup stadium, and being a first-class entity, what was experienced last Saturday in Corregidora does not define the people of Queretaro, nor their fans.

He said that the violent events in Corregidora should be a watershed and, based on this, the schemes must be modified, such as the network of cameras linked to the C5 and stricter protocols by the state authority.

He recognized that there was a serious omission of Civil Protection. He asserted that he should never have started that game if he did not have the necessary private security elements to protect the bars whose rivalry is old.

Due to the above, he said, the Prosecutor’s Office is investigating not only the public servants who were in the stadium, but also their superiors.

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