Avian Artery Week is Coming to Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the games with the most players online in the world, so it is constantly implementing changes and corrections in the game. This time an event with a somewhat strange theme has been added.

Avian Artery Week is the new Fortnite themed week. The previous one had been the week of the Webs at the hands of Spider-Man, although this time the theme revolves around chickens. We leave you a list with the most striking features of the theme week:

  • Chickens become more common in games and are the kings of the ecosystem. They now go after players and counterattack when attacked
  • You can use a chicken as a weapon and peck your enemies at close range
  • There are new shiny chickens called loot chickens, you will get a valuable reward if you kill them
  • Although it is a theme week, many of these features will remain in the game.

Avian Artery Week starts today, tuesday march 8 of 2022, and, naturally, it will be active for a total of 7 days, that is, it will end the next Tuesday March 15.

We hope you have a good time in this wacky theme week and we will have to stay tuned to see what crazy things we have next week.

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