Atlas fan on Cristante and Querétaro players: They saved us

The “Che“He attended the Corregidora Stadium to enjoy football and see his Atlas without knowing that I was going to be part of the most embarrassing episode of violence of the MX League and that practically Hernan Cristante and some Querétaro players saved his life.

Accompanied by his wife and a friend with his son, this fan of Atlas was present at the camp. There he saved his lifefirst entering the field, jumping injured, and then arriving at the dressing room of the Gallos Blancoswhere he was protected and well treated by the Argentine coach and his players.

Cristante, Balanta and Vera, heroes

There he points out three clear interventions to be able to tell it: kevin balanta closing the locker room door; Eric Verawho gave him a civilian shirt to be able to go out now Hernan Cristantewho sent trustworthy people to get this group of athletes out of La Corregidora.

From the moment we are invited to enter the locker room, that is when we feel a little at peace. and tranquility, and they saved our lives, because imagine that we didn’t manage to get into the tunnel, we weren’t counting“Che” recalled in an interview with Mediotiempo.

They themselves were helping the people of Atlas and the same ones from Querétaro who were also being violated. From the benches he invites us to go to the stairs of the locker room tunnel.

“The players were protecting, they were helping us. This Colombian player, (Kevin) Balanta he is the one who helps us, we were the last to enter and he closes the tunnel doorbecause there were already many people who came with weapons and inside it was an atmosphere of confusion, not knowing if people were actually going to knock down the locker room door“.

Behind the brawl that left several injured some seriously, Che and his group they were about an hour looking at pictures, videos, everything about the row in the stands. At all times Cristante calmed them down and supported them.

Cristante was the one who tried to stay calmHe talked to us saying that nothing was going to happen, that the police were going to arrive, that this was going to be under control. In general it was a time of confusion, nobody knew anything, there was no security, there was no policeit was the same people from Querétaro who were helping us”.

passed altogether hour and 40 minutes downstairs in the locker roomand when they were given the green light to leave, this follower did not want to do it because he was wearing a T-shirt from the Atlas. Was when Vera gave him a personal garment.

That happened almost at the end of this whole show. When that hour passes, I don’t know how they manage to open the locker room door andThey begin to give the order that the people of Querétaro begin to withdraw where same, and they began to concentrate the people of the Atlas in the dressing rooms”, he recalled.

“After we were released, my wife, a friend who was with his son and I found a door, it was the press room, we decided not to go out with the Atlas group that was already taking. Later, when we began to see more tranquility, and we saw that we were in the parking lot with trucks and player cars. At that time the players were already showered and ready, waiting for the streets to be calmer. That’s when Eric Vera approaches me and gives me a shirt so that I can cover the Atlas shirt and can leave without being violated”.

Before leaving, chrysanthemum ordered that the “Che” his other three companions were taken to a house where more friends awaited them.

“After all that, Cristante approaches again, he was there all the time as if commanding the situation of tranquility and calmwe approached him and began to talk to him about our situation and that we needed to get out. He offers to take us a car from a trusted person to move us to the place where some friends were waiting, he offered us a cartold us that he was a person who moves the players and that way we were able to leave the stadium”, highlighted the “Che“.

chrysanthemum later he assured that he was threatened for leaking a video where he asks the people of Gallos Blancos for calm that outside we “burst” it, which for “Che” he attributed as a strategy to appease.

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