After a stroke, this is how “El Razor”, an Atlas fan, recovers

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The good news keeps coming for the fan of the Atlas, Esteban Hernandez Martinezbetter known as “The Razor”because his mother confirmed in an interview with Milenio that the doctors have notified her that her son is progressing favorably from stroke that suffered during the violent acts that were recorded between fans in the match between Queretaro and Atlas.

The doctor says that he is coming out, that he is already improving, they already want to extubate himthe medication that keeps him asleep is already being removed, little by little he moves his hands, moves his feet that is a great advantageyour chest is already deflating and the spill is closediendor“, said María Guadalupe Martínez, mother of the affected.

The razor was one of the fans who was brutally beaten at La Corregidora Stadium and of which it even went viral on social networks because videos where he is seen lying on the floor beaten and nakedcoupled with was identified by tattoo what had on the chest with the shield of the Atlas.

Nevertheless, Maria Guadalupe thanked the people for their support, who through their donations have helped to cover the costs doctors you have required so far.

I am very grateful to everyone, to all the people who have sent messages for my sonsupporting my son, the doctors who are 100% with my son who are taking care of him and he has to get up, they are giving my son very good care,” he assured.

Atlas fan is discharged

In the last hours the IMSS announced that the fan of the Atlas that he was in danger of losing an eye due to the beating he received in La Corregidora, was finally discharged, this after undergoing an operation that lasted almost four hours; Fortunately, the results were positive and he managed to save his sight. Now you will only continue with your recovery process from home.

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