Gabriel Solares is disabled after fight in Querétaro vs Atlas

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After the Extraordinary Assembly of Owners of Liga MX, it was determined that Gabriel Solares, president of Querétaro, is disabled after acts of violence that took place over the weekend at the Corregidora Stadium.

After this decision, Solares and the board of directors made up of Adolfo Ríos, Manuel Velarde and Greg Taylor will be banned for five years, team that will return to the hands of Jorgealberto Hank and Grupo Caliente, who will have a term of one year to sell to the club.

Disable the current administration of the club made up of Gabriel Solares, Greg Taylor, Adolfo Ríos and Manuel Velarde of any management or administration activity of any team affiliated with the FMF”, reported Mikel Arriola.

It was in 2020 that in the face of a financial crisis Querétaro was put up for sale, a franchise that was acquired by a group of shareholderswho at that time had shares of Atlante: the promoter and businessman Greg Taylor, Gabriel Solares Jove, Jorge Santillana, Javier Solloa and Manuel Velarde, Emilio Escalante, although the latter ended up staying only with the Iron Colts.

Who is Gabriel Solares, one of the former owners of Querétaro?

Gabriel Solares Jove is a public accountant by profession, a career he studied at the Public College of Accountants in the specialty of finance, which allowed him to learn the business of soccer where he was a complete unknown, since he had an administrative position in a hospital consortium and was a hotel investorbut it was for the Apertura 2019 tournament, that the former manager of the Albinegros He had his first opportunity in Mexican soccer when he appeared on the Atlante board.


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