Desirée Monsivais, the scorer who combines her life as an architect

Within the framework of International Women’s Day, Desiree Monsivais is a clear example that women can shine in any field of the life; as the name of his documentary says: “If you believe it, you believe it”. And it is that Desirée is not only the Rayadas top scorer with 116 annotations, it is also from the Liga MX Femenil and he also combines football with his other profession: that of an architect.

Monsivais He has an incredible experience in soccer, where Canada, Kazakhstan, the Mexican National Team appear on the scene, and as if that were not enough, he played in the Women’s Champions League.

The Architect of the Goal

His success goes beyond the fields, it is ambassador of the sports brand Charly for being his career an inspiration for many women, because he is also a professional, he studied the career of architecture in Puebla and one master’s degree in Administration and Construction Engineering at the Tec de Monterrey and also practices this profession.

I graduated with a lot of fearI said ‘I am the worst architect in the world’, you go out into the real world, into the business world, I was inexperienced, I had no idea, I thought I had wasted my time because of football, I felt out of place for putting all the eggs in the same basket that was soccer… Time passed and I said ‘I’m going to exploit football to its maximum expression’I went abroad, goals and goals”, told halftime.

“There is a part where I said ‘I must feel full’, I started talking about this other facet of Desirée, architect, the one with that master’s degreewith that ease and confidence, I said ‘If I do things well in football, I can do better in architecture’… The ace up my sleeve, they classified me as a good player and perhaps a good architect, they began to entrust me with small projects, I am building a residence from scratch in Saltillo, I have done remodeling in Monterrey… I proudly say that I practice both professions“.

Since I was a child, Monsivais always showed that instinct to overcome; as early as 1999 she was competing internationally in Athleticsa discipline that led her to the Central American and Caribbean Games; however, when he reached middle school and high school he knew that his thing was soccer, although at that time in Mexico there were no opportunities at the professional level.

“After graduating, I went to Canada for three months, it was a different experience, I went with a Canadian family to go to a professional team. I came back, I finished my master’s degree and in December 2014 I knew it was my opportunity, I was training at the Tec, one of the coaches told me: ‘There is an opportunity in Kazakhstan, but you have to talk to the coach, they are 12 hours apart, in English’I sat down with them, we reached a point where I decided to go on an adventure, the first thing I think is that I have to prove to myself that I’m made for this,” Desirée recalled.

Her desire to transcend in football led her to be an example, with great discipline, for which in Kazakhstan they offered him to acquire naturalization and resign from the Mexican National Team; They wanted to tempt her with games that she would be facing with UEFA teams, but even so, she did not want to turn her back on El Tri. This was a wise decision, because when the Liga MX Femenil was created in 2017, she would have had complications to be able to play in her native country.

“The coach was also the coach of the Kazakhstan Women’s National Team, he approached me and told me ‘We want you to stay here, we realized that you only have 10-15 minutes with the Senior National Team, we could put this in a decision and that you be part of the Kazakhstan National Team, we would only have to change stationery, you would no longer enter Mexico with a Mexican passport.’ For me it was something psychological of mutilationI couldn’t stop being what I am, I told him ‘I thank you, but for me I have a debt with my country, I need to feel what I feel for Mexico in Kazakhstan and it is not like that’. He told me: ‘Here you are going to compete against Germany, England, Austria, with all of UEFA, you are going to develop more,’ “he said.

Champions League, your best experience

He will never forget his time in Kazakhstan, because that was where he was able to achieve a great dream: the play the Women’s Champions League. “I felt very important, a 27-year-old woman playing those instances was like a small realization, I got to the best league in the world, it’s a very nice experience”.

What’s next for Desiree?

At 34 years old, Rayadas’ scorer aspires to reach 40 on the pitch, after that continue to grow and for this it has many scenarios that it considers it can achieve. “I like television, analysis, architecture, directing a team, in football I will be involved yes or yes, I need to update myself in English, in Europe as a technical director”. For now, Monterrey wants her on her team as her true leader.

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