Atlas. Barrista assures that there are still 5 missing people

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After the acts of violence in the The Corregidora Stadiumthe members of the Atlas Bar 51 have collected information about the people who attended the game and according to the testimony of one of them, there are still five people missing.

Rayas identified in an interview with Televisa, is one of the members of the bar that has organized his colleagues to keep track of the information and especially of the people who have not yet been reported in Guadalajara.

We had a base of 17 people, who, thank God, have already given us an answer, but we still have 5 missing people.“, said Ray, who clarified that the information they possess has been collected directly by ‘Barra 51’, assuring that they have acquired it by having contact with family and friends of those involved.

“No leader of Barra 51 has had contact with authorities from Jalisco and Querétaro,” he commented and clarified that they have not yet spoken with members of the Querétaro or Jalisco government. “At the time that Enrique Alfaro attended the Querétaro stadium, we did not have the opportunity to approach him, hemos searched by different means, but we have not had a response, from either party“.

Ray assured in the interview that the brawl with fans of roosters in the stands and later on the pitch The Corregidora Stadium was ‘something planned’.

“From the beginning we felt strange behaviors. We assure that it was with treachery and advantage, there was no security protocol as is the case in other stadiums that we go to every 15 days“, he stated.

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