The player who disappointed Michel Leaño the most in Chivas and would not play the classic

Leaño would leave one of the Chivas footballers out of the classic.
Leaño would leave one of the Chivas footballers out of the classic.

After beating Santos Laguna in this weekend’s match, Chivas is already preparing to face the two most important weeks of the tournament, as it will first face the America and later to the Atlas.

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Marcelo Michel Leano will have two really complicated tests starting with the national classic, because despite the bad moment America is going through, it could experience a disaster that marks its destiny on the bench Chivas.

That is why the Flock coach will make use of the most trusted players for him, and could leave out a player from Chivas who had been fairly regular under the command of firewoodbut that would have disappointed him in the match against Santos.

Who would be left out in Chivas to face America

This is Carlos Cisneros, who completed not even half time in the last meeting of Chivassince he entered at the beginning of the second part, and was removed from the field by Michel Leano at minute 83 by Antonio Briseño, so he could not be a starter against America.

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