The PHOTO for which Oribe was criticized and today is a message of unity

Which a few months ago was considered as ‘a betrayal’, today have a meaning completely different. After what happened in La Corregidora, where fans of Querétaro and Atlas staged a pitched fight, one came to light Photo from Oribe Peralta which is taken as a union message.

Oribe Peralta already he has retired of the courts, because after passing through America and Chivas, decided it was time to stop. In spite of everything, it is beingprotagonist‘ by a Postcard in a National Classic. Querétaro could no longer play in La Corregidora.

Oribe’s photo with America players

A few months ago during a National Classic Come in America and Chivasit was possible to see Oribe Peralta (herd player) living together at the end of the match with his ex-mates, image what was heavily criticized since ‘he could not be a friend of the greatest rival’, a message that everyone today considers wrong.

Marc Crosasformer soccer player and TUDN analyst, brought out this image and commented that many satinized Oribe for the photobut today should be taken as a example for society where soccer is enjoyed and violence is not incurred as in the game between Querétaro and Atlas.

“Those who a few months ago they demonized this imagetoday they should take it as example of what yes we want in our football and our society. We must all reflect on our degree of responsibility and what do we do to add to one better coexistence and a better country,” Crosas wrote on Twitter.

Oribe Peralta it didn’t take long and shared the postcardwhere ironized about him ‘wrong’ message that many They asked him to take care Well, as was said, today could be a clear example of peace and union in Liga MX.

“At the time some told me that I should take care of the message What did he give to the people? #Noaflojen ”, the Hermoso Peralta published in his account.

The MX League analyze the possible Disaffiliation of Querétaro, because after the events of the past March 5thit is said that there is only 26 injured, of which 19 have already been discharged and no none is counted passed away.

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