My children would not go to the league where they kill fans: Father of Marcelo Flores

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The reactions after what happened in The corrector follow generating great echowell now Reuben Flores, dad from Silvana, Tatiana and Marcelo Flores, Mexican soccer players who play in Europe, has spoken, assuring that his sons ‘would never go to a league where they kill their fans’.

The crude images of those injured in Stadium they have gone around the world and there is no doubt that the Liga MX has been very badly stopped. Queretaro could join the list equipment what have been disaffiliated, all because of their fans.

Father of Marcelo Flores regrets violence in Querétaro

Through various posts on Twitter, the dad of the footballers stressed what it hurts a lot everything that happened between the followers the Queretaro and Atlasbecause it has left a big stain on our football and therefore he would not bring his children to play / watch a duel of MX League.

I would never take my kids to a league where they kill their fans. You have to act quickly, it is sad to attack vs something wonderful, “he published.

Despite the shameful factsRuben Flores cleared up that even if you feel shame of the lack of education of some, does not stop feeling pride for MexicoWell, that’s something that’s not going to change.

Mexico What I love you and you know what It hurts what happens what is happening and Although sometimes I feel ashamed of the lack of education I will always be Mexican”, wrote the father of Marcelo Flores.

Will Marcelo Flores play for Canada after this?

after his words about not taking their children where ‘they kill their fans’, users asked if that would influence on the decision of the player of Arsenal U23 about himself would represent Mexico or Canada, remembering that he can still choose since he has not played an official duel with any major team; this he answered.

Let’s see, let’s not get confused. for now it’s dangerous after these events so at the time but for now it would not happen”, an answer that leaves any scenario open for Marcelo Flores.

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