Jorge Vergara asked to eradicate the bars in Mexico: they are not necessary

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After the events recorded at the Corregidora Stadium in the framework of matchday 9 between Queretaro and Atlaswhere fans of both teams staged a fight that left dozens injured, the existence of the bars was reconsidered or animation groups in Mexican soccer.

Despite the fact that for many years there have been attempts to regularize these groups, reducing their space in the stadiums, with greater inspection and even trying to credential them, the reality is that the security of the stadiums continues to be ‘kidnapped’, since what happened at[person]’s house white roosters was just the straw that spilled the glass full of criminal acts in different episodes within mexican soccer.


Among the various topics that circulate on social networks regarding the violence generated in the Corregidora Stadium, a video entitled “always knew them” stands out, in which the deceased appears former Chivas owner Jorge Vergarawho in a series of interviews highlighted the importance of disappearing the bars of Mexican soccer.

“It does not matter if they are well behaved, that the bars are over. They are not necessary and the only thing they are is a source of infiltrationI am not saying that all the kids are bad, but the bad guys infiltrate them and they are the ones who are harmed in the end.”


In this interview, the reporter asked Jorge what would be needed to be able to take the final step and disappear the bars in Mexico, to which the then owner of the Flock responded briefly: “let them vote with the owners.”

The foregoing shows that it is the owners of the clubs who have the last word and that they will precisely have a new meeting at the Owners’ Assembly on March 8 where the issue could be put on the table again.

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