Hernán Cristante denied being an instigator of violence at the game against Atlas

After the general fight in the The Corregidora Stadium in the game between Queretaro and Atlas Several amateur videos surfaced of what happened on and off the pitch. In one of them you can see Hernan Cristante allegedly inciting violence by telling a fan of the white roosters that: ‘We are going to vacate the field. Come on, outside we burst them, nothing happens Outside! Outside!’.

But it was the Queretaro coach himself who gave his version of the events in which he was singled out as a provocateur.

“The barra brava continued to cheer and there it was, for me everything was confusing. I saw a boy who was no more than 20 years old and they were beating him, Washington (aguerre) was with more people and I wanted to get closer, but a lot of people got in and someone jumped on him so they wouldn’t hit him anymore and I grabbed three guys from Queretaro and I tell them ‘get him out of there because they’re going to kill him’, they get him out, it was one of those we started to take towards the tunnel.

“When I’m taking these guys to the tunnel, people from Queretaro that I don’t know, at least they were wearing the shirt and they told me ‘it’s that they hit me, you have to burst them’, and they wanted to go into the tunnel and since we had put people in the tunnel, I said: ‘if they go into the tunnel you will see a tragedy’. Trying to prevent this from happening to adults, I decided to take them to the other side and I told them: ‘yes, stay calm’ and they kept insisting, they already split my lip, they made signs to me and that is in the video, and they tell me : ‘there are to burst them’ and I: ‘yes, yes, we burst them outside, don’t worry,'” he assured chrysanthemum at a press conference.

The exporter revealed how he lived through the initial minutes of the fight that became widespread in the stands and jumped onto the field of The corrector.

Fight in the stands of La Corregidora

“Suddenly you could see a couple of cells to one side of the grandstand of Queretaro, on one side a small attempt, on the other side another (attempt) and people from Atlas who were cheering began to go to the side. I tried to say something (to the line judge), I went with the fourth official and suddenly there was an invasion of the field, there were people coming down, I looked up because my daughters were there and I saw a small group running, I never saw a crowd moving until the people from… most of the people were from the Atlasbut people also came from Queretaro“, said.

What’s more, chrysanthemum He mentioned that “if I am deserving of punishment, criticism, whatever, they can do it, all I did was try to minimize the situation.”

Washington Aguerre trying to calm the fans


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