Federalizing hospitals in Veracruz will improve delivery of places, there will be medicines

The federalization of the clinics, hospitals and health centers of the State, which will be administered by the “IMSS Welfare” program, will bring various benefits such as the supply of medicines, better care for the population, as well as basification for the staff, highlighted the governor Cuitlahuac Garcia Jimenez.

At a press conference this Monday, he was questioned regarding this process due to the uncertainty of the workers of the state Health Sector, for which the President affirmed that labor rights, as well as their employment, will not be affected.

In this vein, the Head of the State Executive stressed that with this process that is proposed by the federation, universal care is ensured, as well as greater transparency in the application of resources.

“The workers will not be affected, the IMSS Welfare of the entire State will improve in this integration, the resources will arrive in a transparent manner. There will be no shortage of medicines in hospitals”, he pointed out.

García Jiménez recognized that the Government of the Republic is carrying out a diagnostic process of the state health infrastructure, to give continuity to this scheme.

And it is that this scheme ensures, among other things, the supply of medicines, as well as the best care for the population, which is why it already applies in states such as Nayarit, where entities such as Tlaxcala, Sonora and now Veracruz are joining.

after signing an agreement with IMSS authorities.

“That this fractionation does not exist where the ISSSTE does this and the IMSS does this, now it will be a single care policy,” he reiterated, recalling that in the past, money for health was given to the governors as established by the Law, but they were not applied to improve health centers and medical units.

“It turned out that there was nothing, the new governors arrived and the complaint they made was that what the previous governors spent the money on, that the centers look how they are,” he added.

Cuitláhuac García gave as an example of this division of powers, the impossibility of being able to build a hospital with 200 beds for the IMSS in Veracruz Puerto, since it has not been possible to obtain the land due to the procedures that the Federation and the State had to do for separated.

This property regularization process, which has been going on for two years, ended with the invasion of one part and is now litigating to recover it, where the State gives the Federation the legal personality to carry out the judicial process. The governor concluded by reiterating that health sector workers will not have to worry about this change.

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