Atlas and Santos will prohibit entry to people who do not identify themselves

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Behind the violence that was lived in Queretaro Last Saturday, March 5, the equipment they have started to to think on how to prevent something like this from happening again happensr in Mexican soccer. Orlegiowner of Atlas and Santos, announced this Tuesday that will forbid the entry to the stadiums SST and Jalisco to people who are not identified or accredited.

Orlegi Sports published this Tuesday release in which confirmed the measures what will adopt hereafter for “to guarantee” the security of all the fans thatEU go to their stadiums. In addition, they added that this is a project that will be developed gradually.

“Can to guarantee the security from everyone and each one of those attending our matches is Our priority. For this reason, together with the existing security measures and the guidelines agreed by the Liga BBVA MX owners’ assembly, we would like to inform you that, from our next home game, no person can access our stadiums without being 100% accredited or identified“.

When will you start with this identification protocol?

I agree to which the releasethe first meet in which it is carry to cape these protocols from ID and accreditation will be Saints vs Xolos on Sunday, March 13, since the duel will be played at the TSM in Torreón, home of the Warriors.

On the other hand, they pointed out that your new security project will consist of “several phases”, which will be explained soon so that fans know how to enter the venues without any problem and be able to see their teams.

We have developed a project that will consist of several phaseswhich iWe will inform you step by step. Our fans will have the peace of mind that all those attending the stadium will be fully accredited and identified. Goodbye to anonymity in our stadiums“.

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