Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole, worst fight in history

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler had a strong rivalry during 2011which ended in one struggle at WrestleMania 27which ended up winning Michael Colecontroversially, since The King Lawler ended up being disqualified by the then unnamed general manager of RAW.

The contest involved the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin, who served as the special referee. It looked like Lawler had the win, after making Cole submit with an Ankle Lock.

The current RAW commentator recounted the story of that fight on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast and assured that Vince McMahonowner of WWE, he called the contest the worst he had seen in 60 years.

What’s more, Cole said that prior to his fight in the great event, suffered the loss of a tooth, thanks to a knee that CM Punk gave himwho was very concerned about the situation.

“Phil (CM Punk) and I have known each other for years, we are good friends. He comes, for some reason, to this day we don’t know why it comes running around the ring and he picks up my knee and knocks out my front tooth. There is blood everywhere,” he now said between laughs.

“Now, this is like four hours before my WrestleMania match. my tooth is missing. There is blood everywhere. Punk tells me: ‘oh my god i’ll pay for dental work‘. Very sorry. I do not know what happened to me. I was just here goofing around.”

Finally, revealed how he lived the previous hours to his first and so far only fight at Wrestlemania, He assured that having shared a ring with Jerry Lawler and Stone Cold is something he will never forget.

“Suddenly, the glass breaks and here comes stone cold steve austinthe guest referee and he isá on his four-wheel motorcycle approaching the ring. At that moment, I look at the referee who was supposed to be the referee, but he leaves the ring; I look at Swagger and the first thing I say is, oh sh*t! ANDthis is real. I’m in a ring with Stone Cold steve austin and Hall of Fame member Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler in a match at WrestleMania“, he recalled.

Even though his fight did not impress Vince McMahon at allCole came away really pleased with his performance.

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