Family of injured in fight Querétaro vs Atlas refuses help

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The violence lived on Saturday in Corregidora Stadium has a critical condition Atlas follower named Esteban Hernandezwho is nicknamed the Razor. This man suffered a stroke As a result of the enormous beating received by pseudo-fans of Gallos, he is in the General Hospital of Querétaro and one of your relatives has refused the help offered to take it to Guadalajara by air.

Interviewed by ESPN, this relative of the nicknamed Razor stated that she has even received the proposal of transfer it in a helicopter to Guadalajara for him to be treated in his hometown, however, his relative affirms that “From Querétaro we only leave with him walking”trusting that he will come out ahead of the complicated situation.

“They have offered me a helicopter to take him to Guadalajara, food, shelter. What can I tell you? I can’t complain, but I’m not going to leave here until I take it out on foot. Here he is going to stay until it goes well, “he told the aforementioned medium.

“I don’t know who those from Querétaro were, directors, they only offered me to go to the hotel, but I’m not moving from here, I thank them, but I want to be stuck here,” she added.

21 wounded from the fight in Querétaro are discharged

The condition of the wounded that left the violence in the The Corregidora Stadium has been improving over the hours and so far the official figure is that 21 people have already been discharged of the various hospitals in which they were in Querétaro.

The state government reported that they are out of danger and recovering at home; Most of them left the General Hospital of Querétaro and others from the Mexican Social Security Institute of the city of Querétaro.

On the other hand, the amateur who was transferred to Mexico City was reported with a serious eye injury and according to information from Governor Mauricio Kuri, he is in danger of losing it.

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