‘I’m not talking about these losers’


Charles Barkley, former NBA player and now analyst, lost respect for LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers: “I’m not talking about these losers.”

LeBron James vs.  Los Angeles Clippers
© Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty ImagesLeBron James vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Everything seems to indicate that the crisis in Los Angeles Lakers It has come to not leave until the end of the 2021-22 NBA season. Lebron James and company lost again and, this time, Los Angeles Clippers They were about to give them a beating. ¡charles barkley finished them!

The Lakers lost by a difference of 21 points against a Clippers team that did not have its main figures: Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. With this loss, the Los Angeles team reached the fourth consecutive loss since the pause of the 2022 NBA All-Star Game.

And that is not worse! The 2021-22 season has been so bad for Los Angeles Lakers that, until the game against the Golden State Warriors on Saturday, March 5, they were eight games under the .500 mark (same number of wins and losses). Barkley had something to say.

After playing for 16 seasons in the NBA and winning the MVP award for the 1992-93 campaign, charles barkley She became one of the most popular analysts in the league and when it came to talking about the poor level of the Lakers, she held nothing back. During the TNT channel analysis program, the former player made it clear to Ernie Johnson that no longer respects the Los Angeles team.

‘I’m not talking about these losers’: Charles Barkley on the Lakers

-Ernie Johnson: “Chuck, who plays in this game?”

-Charles Barkley: “The Clippers and the Southern California team”

-Ernie Johnson: “Is there a point where you said ‘Okay, now I’m going to say his name’?”

-Charles Barkley: “If they win a playoff game. I’m not going to say the word Lakers until the end of this season. I’m talking about these fucking losers. Between the assholes on TNT and the assholes on ESPN, we talk about these losers more than anyone else in the world.”

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