I would like Mazepin to continue in F1, but without money it is difficult

Mexican pilot Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez said that Nikita Mazepin is not to blame for what the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is doing regarding the invasion of Ukraine, so he would like the Russian to continue in the Formula 1.

Interviewed Thursday March 3 in Los Angeles at a new sponsor event, Red Bull driver Checo Perez commented on Mazepin’s imminent departure from the Haas team, something that became fact the following Saturday.

“It is a very sensitive issue that as an athlete one is not to blame for what his president (Putin) is doing, what control, as an athlete, can he have? But it has very big implications and we are seeing them.

“I would like (Mazepin) to be able to continue with his career, because he deserves it, because he has done everything to be there, but they are very delicate issues,” added the driver from Guadalajara.

At that time, Checo Pérez, who is already in Spain where he lives to prepare for the start of the 2022 season in Bahrain, expressed that it would be very difficult for Nikita Mazepin to continue in F1 without Uralkali’s money.

“I don’t know (if I could continue without sponsorship), I think that sometimes the support you can have, especially in the small teams on the grid, is important, so what can determine his future at Haas, since it is They are teams that literally depend on the financial support that the pilot may have,” he said.

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