Enrique Alfaro Ramírez denies deaths in a brawl at the Corregidora Stadium

The governor of Jalisco assures that he has no interest in “covering up” any event.

Enrique Alfaro to the Atlas fans: “We are going to demand justice”

By: Diego Benavidez

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“There is no deceased, it is not an issue that has happened in Jalisco, I have come to inform you, I have come to tell you what information I have. What am I interested in covering up, on the contrary, the only thing I want you to know is what you inform me the governor of qtro, I am going to demand that justice be done,” he said.

A group of supporters of the Rojinegros made an appearance in the vicinity of the Jalisco Stadium with candles as a sign of mourning, but Alfaro Ramírez answered their questions and clarified what they know so far.

“There is a lot of information on the networks and concerned families, because I have never hidden, I come to put myself at your service for whatever is needed to move them there, helicopters have been sent for a long time to support, if a transfer is needed, we send the police helicopter,” the governor said.


“All the buses are already escorted by the state police, we are already in it. It is an issue that happened in another state and what I have of information is what the governor of the other state gives me,” he concluded.

Arriola promises “unprecedented” punishments and “review of protocols”

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