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The match first division of the eredivisie dutch Vitesse-Sparta Rotterdam was discontinued today in stoppage time because one of the objects That they threw from the stands, a glass plastic with beerhit the goalkeeper of the visiting team, Maduka Okoye.

The goalkeeper there was saved a penalty at minute 64 and, in the last moments of the meeting, some supporters launched fireworks onto the grassinjuring a television cameraman.

At discountwhen the score was 0-1an andspontaneous jumped into the field and faced with the okoye goalkeeperto which he responded with gestures to leave the field, and then a plastic cup with beer impact at goalkeeperwhich fell to the ground.

The referee Rob Dieperink stopped the game and, already in the locker room tunnel, the players of the Sparta Rotterdam refused to continue playingso the referee decided to suspend the match.

The managing Director the vitesse, Pascal van Wijkexplained to the Dutch chain ESPN that they have images of the people who threw objects into the field and “You can expect a long stadium ban.”

It’s a black day for the Vitesse family and the true followers, not for the two or three people who have ruined it, “he added.

The incidents contrasted with the initial image of the meeting, when football players of the two clubs they lined up in the center of the fieldor V-shaped to represent the word “green”, “peace” in Dutch language.

The Royal Netherlands Federation of Soccer announced that will offer Vitesse and Sparta Rotterdam three options to determine the result: give the match over and declare the team vvisitor as winnerwhat the seven minutes of discount are played what was left or repeat the match completely.

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