Ivan Kuliak, Russian gymnast, stands on the podium and boasts a symbol in favor of the war

the russian gymnast Ivan Kouliak he stole the cameras at the award ceremony world Cup disputed in Doha, Qatar, since in his clothing he wore a warmongering symbol, that is, it is in favor of the war.

Kuliak placed a Z on his chest, letter that appears on Russian combat vehicles during its invasion of Ukraine and means “for victory”, this fact could generate an individual sanction.

Kuliak is 20 years old and during 2021 received military training.

The Russian shared the podium with the Ukrainian gymnast Illia Kovtunwho finished in first place.

The consequences of war between Russia and Ukraine have affected Russian athletes, in the case of Ivan and gymnasts from his country will not be able to compete in the European Championships held by the International Gymnastics Federation.

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