Conor McGregor has already made an offer to buy Chelsea

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine is leaving collateral damage and one of them is that Roman Abramovic, owner of Chelsea Football Clubdecided to put the Blue team up for sale, since he wants the team to continue on its way without sanctions or impediments, since he was born in Saratov, Russia.

The London team is the last champion of the Champions League and there are many already interested in buying it, like the UFC fighter Conor McGregorwho is a follower of Man Utdand already made the first offer.

However, the club is valued at £3bn and McGregor pitched for half of this, 1,500 million pounds sterling, as published on social networks.

A few days ago he had already said that he was going to see this topic, when a contact told him “Chelsea for sale, 3 billion pounds. Let’s buy”. is worth remembering that McGregor has the economic capacity to acquire the club, since his assets are around 135 million pounds sterling.

Another candidate to make an offer for the Blues is the Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wysswho said he will analyze the details of any possible agreement to acquire the blue team.

“Three other people and I received an offer on Tuesday to buy it. I have to wait four or five days now, it is currently asking too much. As of today, we don’t know the exact sale price,” he commented.

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