All casualties that Juan Reynoso vs. Puebla between injuries and breaks

Cruz Azul will face Puebla without some of its best players, as it will have more casualties than expected for the Matchday 9 match, tonight at the Azteca Stadium.

Nacho Rivero would be one of Cruz Azul's great absences against Puebla.
© JamMediaNacho Rivero would be one of Cruz Azul’s great absences against Puebla.

The month is just beginning the heavy workload on your March schedule It’s already starting to bill Blue Cross, because he will be forced to face one of the best teams in the Closing Tournament 2022 without several of their best footballersgiven that John Reynoso you will have to leave them outside the call to face Pueblatonight in the Aztec stadium.

And it is that at ‘chess player’ has no choice but to optimize their resources with an eye on the CONCACAF Champions Leaguebecause in addition to playing this Saturday the game of the Matchday 9 of the local tournament, Machine will also have to face next Wednesday the First Leg of the Quarterfinals in the international competition, before the Montréal.

Thus, between injuries and breaks, Cruz Azul will suffer the loss of at least five footballers to face tonight undefeated Puebla de Nicolás Larcamónat Closure 2022 of the MX Leaguebecause in addition to the three players injured What does the team have two more items would be added as a reserve pointing to the Concachampions.

It should also be noted that, in addition to these players, the participation of Alejandro Mayorga is still an unknownbecause so far it is not known if he will participate in the match against The fringedue to the injury he suffered last week that left him out of the duels before Saints and TigersWell, during the week He was seen training but this friday it went back to absent to travel to Guadalajara and propose to his girlfriend.

The losses of Cruz Azul to face Puebla:

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